Mould research and development Dept. which has more than 20 pcs engineers was established in 2002, and it mainly specialized in the design and manufacture of high precision plastic mould and stamping mould. There is totally 30 pcs mould manufacturing equipments: middle-speed wire cutting, low-speed wire cutting, Electric Discharge Machining, CNC, etc. The manufacturing capacity of plastic and stamping mould is each 20 sets per month, and the best lead time of a mould is 15 days;

In order to fulfill with customer’s need, the solutions of plastic soft tool and hand-make hardware samples was able to be provided to customer in lowest cost and best Lead time to meet the requirement of design verification by customer.


For the purpose of ensuring the product quality, enhance the production efficiency and reduce the impact of labor fluctuations on product delivery, the automated development team was setted up since 2008, which including 4 pcs mechanical design engineers and 3 pcs electric design engineers. Yearly development capacity: 10 sets of automatic production machinings, all kinds of testing equipment 20 sets, all kinds of production and management tools 80 sets, which have ensure all tools, automatic production machinings and inspection equipments required during the development of new product, and greatly Improve the production efficiency, and guarantee product quality.


Middle-speed Wire Cutting

Low-speed Wire Cutting

 CNC Machining Center

Electric Discharge Machine

Automation Development Department

Automation department provides professional automation workshop production line solutions, are dominated by independent research and development technology, assist with professional automation development and manufacture factories. All the selection of raw materials and processing process strictly follow the highest standard in the industry, thus automation equipment, mould and its auxiliary equipment have high superiority and reliability.
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